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Yellowbrick, Stellantis, Tesla And Others To Offer Online Automotive Design Curriculum

Major manufacturers and an education group have joined forces to launch a free, online automotive design course

Paintings of Mercedes-Benz by Andy Warhol from Andy Warhol: Cars.

All car enthusiasts, car-driven business-minded people, and even those who are leaning towards the automotive industry to start their career now have a shot at how to learn automobile design the way the best in the field are doing so. Yellowbrick, together with car industry giants, namely Tesla, Stellantis, Hispano Suiza, and the world-renowned Peterson Automotive Museum, spearheaded a free online course up for grabs to brief car aficionados outlining the critical steps in automotive design. “We designed this course to simplify and illuminate a path to a career in automotive design,” said Justin Wolske, director of partnerships & strategic initiatives for Yellowbrick. Moreover, he stressed that high-level training in the field of automotive design is not always easily accessible, so their initiative removed some of those barriers by offering the program at no cost and involving an esteemed lineup of contributors.


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The Courses Are Open To All Teens And Adults

DeLorean JZD gullwing doors
DeLorean Next Generation

a front 3/4 rendering of a 2023 DeLorean JZD

In addition to being free, the auto design and sketching program branched its whole curriculum into three self-paced modules which can be taken remotely. The first module covers the different aspects of core design principles as basic knowledge for automotive designing. The course will also divulge into the necessary auto designer skills and critical historical trends in auto design that provide context for period-based design trends. Tackling more on the historical background of auto design, the first module also covers the evolution of the ideas and its translation into production models. The first course also reviews cars and sustainability. The second module focuses on famous car studies. In this module, the 1981 DMC DeLorean, 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo, 2005 Ford Shelby Mustang, and 2012 Tesla Model S will be reviewed for their contributions to automotive design.

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Hands-On Experience Finalizes The Course

Lamborghini Centenario

Front three-quarters shot of a Lamborghini Centenario

The final course requires hands-on experience. The extensive studies of design history, concepts, and evolutions will put into real-life experience with students completing

perspective-based sketching, circles, ellipses, and drawings of classic and modern cars. During the curriculum, notable designers and automotive experts will give their insight into the industry. They include Chrysler CEO Christine Feuell and Tesla Motors’ Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen.

Though Yellowbrick has outlined all three courses, only the first module is available at the moment. The second and third modules will be released in December and January, respectively. For those interested, the course which can be accessed through Yellowbrick‘s website. Users only need an email address to sign up, and all course-takers must be at least 13 years old.


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