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Top 3 Industries for Highest Electrical Engineer Salary

Top 3 Industries for Highest Electrical Engineer Salary
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On average, an Electrical Engineer earns a salary of $71,000 per year. Most engineers move on to management jobs, if they have more than two decades of experience hands-on experience in their field, get paid sizable amounts.

Electrical engineering jobs are for implementing systems and designing components and devices that use electricity to operate. They have to be adept at handling electricity in their devices, designing protocols, researching alternative sources, creating solutions, and improving product and system safety.

Due to the nature of electrical engineering jobs, electrical engineers work in teams, they solve complex problems regarding electrical systems. Often, these teams consist of electrical engineers with proficiency in different areas, so the group is better-equipped to find a solution to an electrical problem. As a team, electrical engineers inspect completed projects to ensure compliance with design standards, while applying electrical engineering principles, such as design implementation and improving electrical instruments.

Therefore, if you want to earn the highest electrical engineer salary, you must be a great team player. The secret to success in electrical engineering jobs is to be able to communicate ideas and ask the right questions to evoke curiosity and challenge the status quo. That’s how you make the big bucks!

Electrical Engineers must be skilled in math and be excellent problem solvers. Successful Electrical Engineers must think creatively and feel comfortable with public speaking and group presentation settings.

Before we dive into the top industries where you find the highest salary for Electrical Engineers, let’s understand the possible career paths for electrical engineers:

Career Paths for Electrical Engineers are :

  1. Electrical Engineer

– Senior Electrical Engineer

– Design Engineering Manager

  1. Systems Engineer

– Senior Electronics Design Engineer

– Principal Systems Engineer

– Product Manager

  1. Test Engineer

– Senior Test Engineer

– Quality Control Manager

  1. Electrical Application Engineer

– Client or Supplier Engineer

– Applications Engineering Manager

  1. Network Design Engineer

– Senior Network Engineer

– Telecom Network Manager

– Information Technology Manager

Top 3 Industries for Highest Electrical Engineer Salary
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Choosing the Right Industry for Your Next Electrical Engineering Job

Well, not every industry employs electrical engineers for the same job functions, so it is important that you understand the difference between the market sectors to ensure your best interests in the long run while maximizing your earning potential. The Computer Hardware Designer position currently pays the highest salary for electrical engineers, primarily due to the shortage of professionals in this marketplace. Regardless of whether or not you have your electrical engineering degree on hand, or you are going to graduate soon, evaluating possible careers can feel mind-boggling. Therefore to ensure that you do not leave anything on the table regarding earning potential and personal interest, here’s a breakdown of the top 3 industries for the highest electrical engineer salary.


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