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This Is How The Czinger 21C Extracts 1,250-HP From a 2.9-Litre V8 Engine

Supercars are truly a work of art. Whether it is their performance, their construction or their advanced aesthetics, there are just countless reasons that these beasts graced the walls of children all over the world. In the last decade or so, automotive manufacturers, with the blessing of ever-developing technology, have created a new class of fire breathing, tire melting speed machines that are aptly named hypercars.

These vehicles are so insanely fast and powerful that their performance can only be properly understood on a track. All-American new kid on the block, Czinger, has created a new hypercar that presents not only unrivaled levels of performance but automotive manufacturing firsts as well.

Let’s examine the new Czinger 21C and marvel at how so much power can be extracted from its relatively small engine.

Who Is Czinger? Why You Haven’t Heard Of Them

Who is this new company? What’s their deal? How are they making so much power?

Before getting ahead of ourselves, let’s quickly talk about Czinger Vehicles, the company responsible for the 21C hypercar. The Los Angeles based company was started by Kevin Czinger (pictured top right with his son Lukas on the left) in 2019 and has combined 3D printing, AI, the best of motorsport experience and sustainable practices. More simply put, the vast majority of the car itself is 3D printed. Even more exciting is the fact that the components are mostly developed in house, placing this hypercar amongst an already impressive list of legendary all-American cars. The 21C is the company’s first car and an incredible impressive one at that. More on that later.

Interestingly, Kevin Czinger graduated from Yale Law School in 1987 and started working in law before he eventually moved into IT and design.

Czinger Vehicles is radically different to the vast majority of modern vehicle manufacturers in that they are not only driving forward performance, but actively working towards bringing sustainable vehicle technology closer and demonstrating what contemporary technology is capable of. Furthermore, Czinger is a young company and having created a hypercar like the Czinger 21C it is obvious they are actively defining not only automotive design and technology but modern manufacturing in general. Their innovative human-AI design is groundbreaking and something that we look forward to seeing more of in the future.

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Massive Power From A Rather Miniscule V8

While an average citizen might contend that anything around 500 HP is truly a powerful car, hypercars boast figures in excess of 1,000 HP. Unfortunately, most of us have not experienced this level of power in a car, but those that know cars would assume that the powertrain for one of these beasts is most likely a large displacement engine combined with some kind of forced induction. Normally that would be true, just think Koenigsegg Agera RS or Bugatti Chiron Super Sport, but the Czinger 21C only uses a 2.9-Liter V8, which is relatively small in comparison to these other vehicles.

How does it do it?

The ‘basic’ powerplant is a twin-turbocharged 2.9-Liter flat-plane V8 engine that is coupled with an 800-volt electrical system that provides additional power to the rear wheels and powers a 120-kW motor at each of the front wheels. This hybrid setup creates 1,250 HP, powering all four wheels through a hydraulic seven-speed transaxle gearbox. The car also features regenerative braking and can be driven in fully electric mode for a short distance. While the specification of the brakes and suspension has not yet been released, they are definitively well-tuned to this insane powertrain.

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Radical Tech, Impressive Rivals And Real-World Considerations

Admittedly, there will be a lot of people doubting these claims, especially considering the fact that this is a new car from a relatively new brand. Rest assured the Czinger 21C delivers and if you are not yet convinced simply check out the YouTube video of the 21C smashing the previous record in the Circuit of the Americas. Driver Joel Miller dropped a monstrous 2:11:33 lap time in the Czinger 21C, which is more than six seconds faster than the previous record set by the McLaren P1.

Czinger claims that the 21C will be able to go from 0 to 60 MPH in just 1.9 seconds and after the lap record, that sounds pretty plausible. However, what makes all of this even wilder is that the Czinger 21C is road legal, meeting safety and emissions requirements as well. Yup, you could be unleashing the very best of 1,250 horses on streets near you. Chances are the average road will be less than ideal for enjoying everything that this hypercar has to offer, but it can be used on the road nonetheless.

The price is rumored to be around $2,000,000 with only 80 units being built (or printed to be more accurate). These cars will be delivered to customers in 2023. Until then, we wait in eager expectation as more information is revealed about the potent performance of this modern monster.

Czinger 21C

This Is Why The Czinger 21C Is A Revolutionary Hypercar

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