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The Jobs and Skillsets in Demand Now


Jul 28, 2022 #Demand, #Jobs, #Skillsets

Infosys, Lobo says, sees a greater need for technical experts and people knowledgeable in behavioural sciences and design with deep tech getting integrated into everyday applications. “As AI, nanotechnology, quantum computing, and synthetic biology develop further, we can expect a convergence in these skills as people get together diverse teams to innovate on complex problems like climate change technologies, genetic engineering, autonomous transportation, and so on.” Towards this, the Bengaluru-based firm has started hiring people with diverse backgrounds—liberal arts, experience design and cognitive sciences, among others.


The push for electric mobility and connected vehicles along with emerging use cases of technology, electrics & electronics as well as design is transforming the country’s automotive industry into one rife with opportunities.

“A full-fledged self-driving car may take a few years to come to India. So, we have adapted the global concept of ACES (autonomous, connected, electric and shared vehicles) to our market. We call it CESS (connected, electric, shared and safe vehicles),” says Kumar of Tata Motors, which is focussing on both connected vehicles within ICE, as well as EVs. To strengthen the safety performance of commercial vehicles, ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems) becomes crucial, he adds. It is a set of safety-enhancing technologies for automatic braking, lane change warnings, collision prevention and adaptive cruise control which are powered by AI and ML.

To be fair, the bounce-back is being witnessed in white-collar jobs, while a majority of the 12 million people entering the workforce every year go into the informal sector. The larger economy, too, is in the midst of an unemployment crisis, with CMIE data showing the unemployment rate fluctuating between 7-8 per cent over the past few months.

“A majority of the hiring for technical functions would be in the areas of AI, ML, telematics and EVs. So, it will primarily be vehicle engineering functions, telematics engineers, supply chain and logistics analysts and experts,” says Yeshwinder Patial, Director of HR at MG Motor India. The carmaker has planned 600-700 additions across white- and blue-collar roles to its 2,000-strong workforce by the end of this year.

Yeshwinder Patial,
HR, MG Motor India

“Additional reinforcements are also required for sales managers as we sell more and also in the after-sales team of service engineers,” he says, adding that there is definite shortage of these skills. Kumar adds to the list auto electric and electronics, ADAS, battery & battery management systems, automation in manufacturing especially because of EVs, and embedded software as skills in high demand which are not readily available. Some amount of hiring can be done from adjacent industries, especially for telematics and connectivity, but the Tata group company is investing in its existing workforce. “Skill reorientation of the workforce from mechanical into electrical—that’s where our efforts are underway.”


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