The data-driven playbook for growing a small business loan book with Enova’s Cory Kampfer


Joining us today is Cory Kampfer, President of Small Business Lending at Enova, which operates the leading small business lending brands OnDeck and Headway Capital.

Cory has been immersed in the small business lending space since 2011 when he joined OnDeck. Over his tenure, he’s witnessed the evolution of fintech lending and how it has transformed access to capital for Main Street businesses like retailers, contractors, accountants and more.

In this episode, Cory provides his unique perspective on the key financial needs and challenges facing small businesses today based on data insights from Enova’s $18 billion in originated loans. He discusses how fintech lenders like OnDeck are able to better service this market compared to traditional banks and other financing sources.

Cory also shares how the borrower experience and application process has progressed over the years to become quicker and more digital-friendly. We’ll learn what metrics and approaches Enova uses to continually improve that journey.

Whether you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur, or just interested in the lending landscape, this is an insightful discussion you won’t want to miss. Let’s dive in!

The big ideas

SMBs struggle to access financing from traditional banks: “There still is a real gap in terms of traditional banks and financing sources lending to small businesses, not because I don’t think they may want to, but they’re just not calibrated to do it very well.”

Online lending has become more accepted and appealing to SMBs: “What we see more that’s very different from what we started with is, people, in many cases, go first to an online lender, because the application process is just so quick and easy. And they can get the answer that they need.”

Using technology and data analytics is key to efficiently underwriting SMB loans: “We need to leverage technology. We have lending algorithms that help us through machine learning to give offers in a much more automated way…you need to leverage the data and the analytics, which our teams ingest, and then can give you a loan offer in the matter of minutes or hours.”

A smooth application experience is crucial for attracting and retaining SMB borrowers: “In the application process, we want it to be a quick and easy process for them to be able to get through it…it’s great to see that kind of repeat traffic because obviously what we did is working to help them grow their business.”

SMBs are optimistic about growth despite challenges: “The survey we just did, what it screams is that small businesses are very optimistic. They’re hiring – you can see that in the data in terms of their investing more in employees. That’s kind of putting their money, where their mouth is.”

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