[Rural Cultural Tourism Festival] Pingyi Spring Festival Tourism Market“Hot And Booming”


(MENAFN- TimesNewswire ) This New Year’s, Pingyi enjoys clear skies and gradually warming temperatures. With people’s enthusiasm for travel soaring, various scenic spots are filled with festive atmosphere and bustling with activities. The air is thick with excitement as a splendid array of cultural and tourism feasts unfolds, one after another. The booming popularity ignites this colorful holiday. Alongside the continued fervor in the tourism market, residents and visitors from all directions are enjoying a variety of activities, celebrating the festival joyfully. During this period, Pingyi County insists on putting people first, focusing on enriching the supply of cultural and tourism products, improving the level of cultural and tourism services, and strictly following the deployment of various levels of work. As a result, the overall operation of the county’s cultural and tourism market is stable and orderly, with no tourism safety accidents occurring.

During the Spring Festival, various scenic spots and cultural venues are crowded with people, bustling with activity! Traditional dragon and lion dances, as well as exciting cultural performances, keep people enthralled. Our county has also introduced a variety of preferential policies and convenience measures, providing thoughtful tourism services for visitors.

During the Spring Festival, the Mengshan Guimeng Scenic Area, Jiujianpeng Scenic Area, Tianyu Natural Museum, and Shuiyi Countryside Scenic Area all experienced varying degrees of peak visitor flow, with a continuous stream of tourists and lively scenes everywhere. The parking lots were filled with self-driving vehicles, and happy families could be seen everywhere, with multiple generations traveling together, elderly and young alike. The familiar atmosphere of the New Year fills the entire Pingyi, with a festive atmosphere permeating every corner.

Dragon soars in the prosperous age, celebrating the new spring; Spring fills every corner of Mengshan with new scenes. The Guimeng Scenic Area in Yimeng Mountain hosted the“12th Mengshan Spring Festival Blessing Temple Fair” themed event, welcoming visitors from all over the country to celebrate the Lunar New Year together. The grand ceremony, dragon and lion dances, and ascending for blessings to admire the beautiful scenery were held during the temple fair. The enthusiasm of visitors soared as they eagerly watched the performances, and everywhere was filled with a rich festive atmosphere.

At the Tianyu Natural Museum, spring couplets related to the museum’s culture, written by several calligraphers from the county, were hung at the entrances of each exhibition hall and multiple halls. From the second day to the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, there were special performances of opera, vocal and dance performances, piano, guzheng, calligraphy, and other activities, each lasting for over an hour in both the morning and afternoon, attracting numerous visitors to participate.

During the Spring Festival, the Jiujianpeng Scenic Area organized a series of“Celebrating Lunar New Year in the Village” activities, including arrangements for New Year atmosphere, children’s play facilities, upgrades to scenic area service facilities, distinctive street stalls, and inviting internet celebrities like Xiao Pang. Through these activities, the Jiujianpeng Scenic Area awakened people’s memories of traditional New Year flavors, providing visitors with an unforgettable experience of the Lunar New Year. Through explanations, tours, and other means, visitors were able to understand Jiujianpeng from another perspective. Moreover, they could deeply feel the strong festive atmosphere from the layout of the scenic area and other aspects.

In Shuiyi Countryside, based on local Yimeng customs, visitors can personally experience various traditional folk performances starting from the first day of the Lunar New Year. They can enjoy traditional cultural activities such as dragon and lion dances, lantern riddles, and dry boat rowing, allowing them to immerse themselves in the rich heritage of traditional culture. Additionally, there are various folk experiences available, such as sugar painting, Yimeng large-bowl tea, blacksmithing, making pancakes, pressing peanut oil, and making chili sauce, which evoke nostalgic memories of the vibrant New Year atmosphere from the 1980s and 1990s. Visitors can also join intangible cultural heritage inheritors to experience straw weaving, Liu’s flower turning, tofu making, and cooking silk beans. In the evening, they can participate in bonfire parties, creating a joyful and harmonious atmosphere for all!


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