• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

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Ram Trucks contest asks students to design future electric pickup

Job Skandera won the Drive for Design contest in 2020 with his sketch of a Ram truck.

Mark Trostle knows firsthand what the right opportunities can provide for an aspiring vehicle designer.

In 1987, he was in high school and won an early iteration of what’s since become the Drive for Design contest from Stellantis, according to a news release. Now, he’s vice president of Ram Truck and Mopar Design.

“Participating in this contest gave me the confidence to pursue the path to a career in automotive design. Now, I want to help students find the connection between their creativity and the automotive industry,” Trostle said in the release. “It is incredible to see our past winners come up through the design school ranks. I even get to see some of them as interns or co-workers in our design studio.”


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