Minsait Payments signs agreement with Kintai to optimise alternative financing for SMEs and the self-employed


Afterbanks Arcopay, a Minsait Payments company, and Kintai have signed an alliance to integrate the Financial Aggregation service within the latter, which will help the company to detect relevant financial information about the user – with their prior consent to access their online banking – such as bank transactions, whether they have other loans in progress, cards associated with historical data, among other data. All with the aim of being able to analyse, understand and use this information to carry out a reliable and immediate financial analysis, allowing the automation of various processes such as the analysis of bank movements or the payment capacity of the applicant of the advance. 

Leonardo González, Afterbanks Arcopay’s commercial director, highlights that ‘this strategic alliance represents a significant milestone in our mission to optimise SME-related processes. By leveraging our Financial Aggregation services, Kintai will be able to more efficiently access relevant financial information from its customers to customise value propositions and provide more effective financial support tailored to the specific needs of each business. This integration not only streamlines financial processes, but also improves transparency and operational efficiency, thus contributing to the strengthening of the business fabric in a challenging economic environment. 

As a result of the increasingly frequent market needs, companies specialised in solving the new issues surrounding the world of business financing are emerging, and new tools to solve them are appearing. In this sense, services such as alternative financing are presented as a booming form of economic support in specific sectors such as SMEs. Companies such as Kintai, with the support of specialised technology providers such as Afterbanks Arcopay, are capable of analysing customer risk from new perspectives, and are therefore becoming relevant players in financing, which has been dominated by banks with much more traditional criteria. The benefits offered by Fintech (high eligibility, instant liquidity, tailor-made terms, compatibility with other financing, little paperwork during the application process, no CIRBE consumption) compared to more traditional financing models, mean that many SMEs are turning to their services to make their business model as sustainable and profitable as possible.  

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Naike Sainz, COO of Kintai, adds that ‘this strategic partnership reflects our ongoing commitment to provide innovative and customised financial solutions for each of our clients. The integration of Afterbanks Arcopay’s Financial Aggregation services will allow us to quickly and accurately access our clients’ financial information, enabling us to offer financial support tailored to the specific needs of each business, while strengthening our ability to process efficiency and transparency in our day-to-day operations.  With this integration, we are confident that we will be able to offer an even more complete and satisfactory service to companies, reaffirming our commitment to their growth and business success. 


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