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HP Indigo Reaches 2000th Active Install Milestone

HP Indigo has announced a major active install milestone and new innovations for this Spring, supporting customers worldwide as the global labels market continues on an upward trajectory.

Demonstrating the surge in demand and testament to the highly versatile HP Indigo Series 3 press range, HP reached 2,000 active presses with a device installment for MCC, global leaders in premium label solutions. Headquartered in Chicago with a workforce of 13,000 specialist printing leaders, MCC has now installed the HP Indigo 6K Digital press into the company’s existing fleet. MCC is famed for providing the best in labels solutions for companies in a variety of sectors including automotive, food and beverage, and healthcare.

Dieter Maes, VP Global Marketing & Sales at MCC, comments, “MCC are priviledged to have worked with HP indigo for more then 20 years. Over the last few years, with Beta testing and innovation, we have found HP to be a great collaborator that has supported us to achieve massive company growth. Any expansion with our applications and our offers to customers relies on this relationship and HP has proven to go above and beyond in its approach”

Haim Levit, Senior Vice President and General Manager, HP Indigo, comments, “Brands are increasingly demanding higher personalization and more agile supply chains. Coupled with the massive growth of small businesses, orders are increasing as converters continue to differentiate themselves and provide new, bespoke and creative solutions. With the HP Indigo 6K our customers additionally cut job set-up media waste by around 80%, accumulating tens of thousands of SQM saved every month per press (1). “

Haim continues, “MCC, a valued collaborator and a highly technical specialist print provider, has continued its labels journey with us by adding the HP Indigo 6K Digital press to its fleet. The Series 3 range, incorporating 6K and 8K models, provides our customers with the means to deliver more applications at high color quality. It also provides a platform for the team to continue outgrowing the market with its digital transformation.”

Producing pressure sensitive label applications, shrink sleeves, IML laminate tubes and more, the 6K continues to be the backbone of global digital label printing and accounting for 69% of digital label production (2). The mix of extended application range, color and workflow automation broadens the horizon for those looking to extend their productivity and profitability. Alongside the 6K, the ultra-productive HP Indigo 8K Digital Press and HP Indigo 25K, complement the Indigo label fleet to ensure the right press for the job.

Creativity gets a Spark this Spring

Expanding capabilities for customers, and addressing the need for a suite of creative products that are capable of producing groundbreaking work, HP also announces today the introduction of new HP SmartStream Designer and Composer versions. These are compatible with Adobe CC2022, including HP Spark.

HP Spark, a new and exciting solution, joins HP SmartStream Designer’s Creative Tools alongside HP Mosaic and HP Collage. This tool provides users with the ability to produce an infinite number of customizations, enabling brands to offer a bespoke set of products to customers. The unique generative art-inspired design tool hands users the ability to build any design from a pre-defined library of scripts and also to use their own code to produce jobs for exact and bespoke specifications, offering limitless ideas and limitless creativity at the touch of a button. And whether a novice or design specialist, HP PrintOS Marketplace provides an ever-growing design library and the tools required to fit all design parameters. Whether guidance and help are needed or you want to let your mind run wild, HP Spark has you covered.

New capabilities for HP Spot Master for a wider range of presses

Color automation solution HP Indigo Spot Master continues to enable converters to reach brand colors in a matter of minutes, keeping high color consistency and uniformity across the print frame for the entire print run. Using a patented algorithm for fast and accurate color matching, HP Indigo Spot Master provides every package with the same look no matter when or where it was printed.

The new version of Spot Master, announced today, is easier to use, improves color accuracy and supports more job types. The new capabilities include: the ability to share Spot Master color results with the ordering brands through HP PrintOS; support for variable data jobs; support for jobs versioning; match more Pantone colors by using the same inks twice (“double hit”); and more.

The new version of Spot Master is estimated to be available later this year.

1 Based on HP internal data
2 Source: IT Strategy Digital Production Label Market 6/2021

Source: HP Inc.

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