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EVE Energy North America Chooses Ohio for R&D Center Expansion

New Facility in Lewis Center to Focus on Advancing Lithium-Ion Battery Technology 

LEWIS CENTER, Ohio, Dec. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — JobsOhio and EVE Energy North America today announced that Eve will construct a new R&D facility focused on the testing, design and storage of state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries. Often used to power electric vehicles (EVs), and energy storage solutions (ESS), lithium-ion batteries are a major focus for the company as it continues to test and research new energy solutions across Ohio and help the state become a center for new green energy manufacturing for ESS and EVs.

Based in Lewis Center, Ohio, the new R&D testing facility will house a solar-powered liquid cooling energy storage cabinet and help develop the company’s new laser welding techniques for battery assembly.

EVE will expand with assistance from a $1 million Research and Development Center Grant from JobsOhio, the state’s private economic development corporation. The R&D Center Grant is designed to provide financial assistance to companies focused on creating an R&D center to identify new growth opportunities.

We would like to thank JobsOhio for the support,” said John Wu, General Manager, Eve Energy North America Corporation. “EVE will develop its R&D Center for green energy in Central Ohio and work to grow the new energy production for contribution to EV and energy storage application.” 

EVE’s proprietary energy storage techniques can support the full life cycle of these batteries, which in some cases are 10-20 years. The project will result in a total of 12 new jobs, more than doubling the number of associates in Lewis Center. The company will also invest at least $5.7M in machinery and equipment, building renovation, and construction.

“JobsOhio has been instrumental in our success and future growth throughout Ohio and the U.S., “said Ted Hoying, VP of Sales and Marketing, Eve Energy North America Corporation. “We are excited to move forward in this journey and continue to add technology and new energy development.”

Founded in 2014, EVE Energy North America is an Ohio corporation that licenses and distributes EVE Co., Ltd.’s battery products to various industries and customers across the nation but will be developing new technology with these investments. In addition to wide usage in helping to power EVs and ESS, its products are also utilized in the Internet of Things (IoT) and consumer electronics. Through this new R&D grant, the company expects its advanced energy storage system to become a reliable source for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and residential and utility power.

“By investing in Ohio, visionary companies like EVE Energy North America are able to advance research on how to best store and progress lithium-ion batteries for the future,” said J.P. Nauseef, JobsOhio president and CEO. “Working with our regional network partners at One Columbus, we’re ensuring that Ohio is ready to house this breakthrough technology – powering the future of EV through advanced energy storage.”

In February 2022, JobsOhio released a new white paper titled, “Ohio Battery Supply Chain Opportunities.” The report pointed out Ohio’s unique positioning to become an industry leader and hub for advanced technologies that can reduce emissions and innovate the automotive industry for decades. The report was co-sponsored by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and JobsOhio and authored by expert consulting firm Benchmark Mineral Intelligence (BMI)

About EVE Energy North America

EVE Energy North America is an Ohio corporation founded in 2014. Their products are widely used in the Internet of Things (IoT), Electric Vehicles (EVs), and Energy Storage Solutions (ESS). EVE Energy North America employs knowledgeable bilingual support staff with 20+ years of battery experience located in the states to simplify communication, on-site technical support, and provide program management capabilities to assist with keeping your projects on track from design to production. 

EVE has a broad product offering, including multiple lithium-based chemistries: lithium primary batteries, li-ion rechargeable pouch cells, 18650/21700/46950 cylindrical cells, and prismatic LFP/NMC cells. EVE offers engineering capabilities from cell recommendations to various pack designs which include both electronic and mechanical integration. Whether you manufacture offshore or stateside, they offer logistic support from their climate-controlled Ohio warehouse or offshore facilities available to satisfy inventory management programs.

About JobsOhio:

JobsOhio is a private nonprofit economic development corporation designed to drive job creation and new capital investment in Ohio through business attraction, retention, and expansion. The organization also works to seed talent production in its targeted industries and to attract talent to Ohio through Find Your Ohio. JobsOhio works with six regional partners across Ohio: Dayton Development Coalition, Ohio Southeast Economic Development, One ColumbusREDI Cincinnati, Regional Growth Partnership, and Team NEO. Learn more at www.jobsohio.com. Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.



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