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New business based in Berlin and Los Angeles, serving global clients 

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Renowned sports car designer Sasha Selipanov announces the formation of Hardline27, a new automotive design and branding studio with operations in Berlin and Los Angeles. Designing for global clients, Hardline27 will provide 360° expertise in automotive design and brand-consulting services.

Hardline27 harnesses in-house design expertise from industry powerhouses with an innovative all-digital approach to design. Using an advanced technological framework that eliminates cumbersome steps and inaccuracies, the final product designs deliver new standards in precision, refinement, and efficiency.

“With Hardline we want to take designing cars back to its roots! We are focusing on what’s closest to our hearts: uncompromising automotive beauty at the intersection of function, performance, and art,” said Sasha Selipanov, Founder and CEO. “The expression, ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ is nonsense; true beauty is certainly an absolute. Striving for it is our mission.” 

Hardline offers clients full-scope design and branding services: from brand inception, design concept generation, to finished A-Class production CAD data, full-size design models, show cars, and prototypes.

Hardline27 is equipped with an all-star team of designers and automotive experts in design, branding and marketing all hand-picked by Selipanov. “It’s a privilege to launch Hardline with such a talented and accomplished team. Having previously worked together on some of the biggest projects in the industry, I’m excited to bring this group together under the Hardline umbrella.”

Selipanov added, “As vehicle and brand architects, we approach projects holistically. Our digital-only process delivers quality, efficiency, and refinement to our clients, not only within automotive but also in adjacent industries. We come from backgrounds where only the highest standards are tolerated and bring that tireless ethic to every project and every client.” 

Hardline27 has been commissioned for several distinguished projects to be unveiled over the next 24 months. 

Sasha Selipanov’s illustrious, two-decade automotive design career began at Volkswagen and Lamborghini, followed by leading roles at Bugatti (Head of Exterior Design), Genesis (Head of Advanced Design) and Koenigsegg (Head of Design). Selipanov’s timeless work is seen in some of the world’s most iconic sports cars: the Bugatti Chiron, Bugatti Vision GT, Lamborghini Huracan, Genesis Essentia, Koenigsegg Gemera, and the Koenigsegg CC850, amongst others. Selipanov earned his degree in transportation design from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA.

About Hardline27

Founded by Selipanov, Hardline27 is a design and branding studio with operations in Berlin and Los Angeles. Specializing in holistic brand and product architecture, Hardline guides clients toward a distinctive presence, applying a unique approach to design, and streamlining traditional methodology to eliminate imprecise and redundant loops.

Hardline clients receive unmatched support in realizing their ideas and converting these concepts into reality. We offer guidance throughout every aspect of product design and development, brand positioning, and product unveiling.

For more information go to hardline27.com.

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