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Burlington High School construction costs exceed funding sources

The Burlington High School construction project may be modified because costs outweigh what the district can afford. 

The city of Burlington gave the school district a bond limit of $150 million to pay for the construction of a new Burlington High School and Burlington Technical Center, yet the project is estimated to cost the Burlington School District $210 million. 

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During Tuesday’s School Board meeting, Superintendent Tom Flanagan and the school commissioners discussed options to address the $60 million gap. The solutions proposed include finding additional funding sources and alterations to the design. 

What a new Burlington High School and Burlington Technical Center would look like. The design was chosen by the Board after input from the community in April 2022. The construction project is expected to cost $181.3 million and be completed in fall of 2025, if approved by voters in November.

Breaking down the numbers

The school district is working to find the money necessary to continue with the Option C design that the board accepted on April 27.

The construction part of the project costs equate to $181.3 million. The additional expenses come from rolling in $29 million to remediate and remove the existing building which is contaminated with hazardous chemicals, PCBs. 


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