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Alpha Motor Corporation Shares Insight on Future Perspectives at The 2022 LA Forum Hosted by Car Design News

IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Alpha Motor Corporation (Alpha) published insight on future perspectives shared at The 2022 Car Design News (CDN) LA Forum held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on November 17, 2022. Alpha and other representatives from California start-ups were invited to join the LA Forum hosted by CDN.

“So great to have Joshua Boyt share his view of the current state of the automotive start-up in general and, more specifically, of Alpha Motor Corporation. We hope Joshua will join us again,” said Karl Smith of CDN.

Alpha Motor Corporation shared information on brand values and discussed the current state of the automotive industry.

Could you give a summary of the founding vision of your brand, at when did design become an essential part of the conversation about where the brand would go?

Alpha’s vision to “Move Humanity,” is about producing electric vehicles and mobility solutions that empower a lifestyle of freedom. This process starts with identifying the ideals of our consumers through in-depth research and technical development. Design is a major part of Alpha’s DNA. We design with a goal to make innovation desirable.

Could you describe your target customer and how your vehicle fits into their lifestyle?

Consumers shop for vehicles that are designed to suit their needs and or aspirations in life. We connect with consumers by providing a selection of electric vehicle solutions in Utility, Sport, and Adventure categories. Our vehicles are created in Series which is comprised of model variants with different use cases. For example, Alpha’s Coupe Series includes Standard, Sport, and Adventure versions. The standard ACE coupe is built for basic drivability such as short trips or daily commutes of 30 miles or less. Sport and or Adventure Series vehicle variants are further tuned for performance or off-roading.

At what point was a vehicle typology chosen and how did the founding team come to that decision?

Alpha’s main market is the US, where we are invested in research, development, and creation of jobs to support manufacturing of our electric vehicles. Alpha’s initiative started with introductions of the ACE Coupe, JAX Crossover, and WOLF Truck, in this order. Based on consumer feedback, utility vehicles such as SUVs, Crossovers, and Pickups were and still are the highest in demand. This was influential to prioritizing production of the WOLF Truck and standardizing its platform to support expansion of model variants: WOLF+ Extended Cabin Truck, SUPERWOLF Dual Cabin Truck and REX SUV. Our research continues to point to exponential growth in the utility vehicle market.

At what point was the drivetrain chosen? What was the rationale? Is this the drivetrain going forward or might there be a change in the future?

Alpha’s vehicles are planned on a 400V battery electric vehicle system which is configured to support a varying degree of driving needs. Our vehicle system is constructed with recyclability in mind which is central to improving the lifecycle of production. A major part of this approach is enabled by interchangeable vehicle components and platform modularity to plan for model variants, enhancements, and upgrades in the future.

Can you articulate how choosing California for a start-up has enhanced your organization?

Achieving carbon neutrality is a world priority and California is taking charge of the initiative by implementing renewable energy solutions and supporting electric vehicle ownership. California naturally has an atmosphere for teamwork and collaboration. We are grateful for our local Chamber of Commerce which Alpha is operating under a collective ideal to improve sustainability. Irvine is an up-and-coming Southern California technology hub with an ecosystem and infrastructure for electric vehicle innovation.

In addition to new drivetrains, and evolving vehicle typologies, we are seeing evidence of a manufacturing revolution, with innovation concentrated in start-ups. Can you describe manufacturing innovations at work in your organization? And, in general, where could we see these innovations become widespread throughout the industry?

Alpha is bringing together various aspects of vehicle manufacturing under a collaborative platform. We are developing synergistic communication to achieve complex tasks such as satisfying compliance. This creates opportunities to implement responsible industrial practices. One example is virtual simulation, which minimizes the need for physical prototyping. Alpha’s digital-driven process aims to significantly reduce the footprint of industrializing automobiles to help improve sustainability in vehicle manufacturing.

Could you describe the brand experience beyond the car? Showrooms, customer service, perhaps other branded items that fit the lifestyle you project for your customers?

Alpha is currently developing an ecosystem to support consumer lifestyles, culture, and community. CAMP is an industry first, Collaborative Adventure Mobility Platform which represents Alpha’s unique automotive process that opens new ways to experience products and builds upon the Move Humanity™ culture of community innovation. It creates an engaging platform to streamline sharing of ideas, complete technical development, and contribute to finding solutions in sustainability. The DRIVE is Alpha’s platform where people share travel experiences and recommendations for music, entertainment, hospitality, and fashion. KINETIC is a movement to recognize family, friends, businesses, and our community at large. The people we celebrate on Kinetic enrich humanity with their dedication in culinary, art, music, hospitality, and beyond. Alpha will be announcing details for exhibitions and tradeshows in 2023.

Were there any cautionary tales of failed start-ups or fatal missteps by legacy manufacturers- automotive or otherwise that have guided your development as a brand?

We believe a great deal of patience, persistence, and perseverance is needed to scale our business. We are committed to bringing our electric vehicles to the market and our efforts are focused on achieving exactly that.

Finally, where do you see the start-up scene going in California and beyond? Is the environment going forward more conducive to automotive start-ups, or will it be harder in the future? In general, where might there be opportunity in the future?

Alpha currently produces custom-built electric vehicles which progresses the company towards mass producing EVs in the near future. We are opening the hearts of people who did not consider buying EVs until they saw our vehicles. Electrification is a long-term commitment, and we are part of a community effort to neutralize carbon emissions. Everyone is welcome to “Move Humanity” with us. Together we can make it!

More information on the 2022 LA Forum by Car Design News is available at https://www.cardesignnews.com.


Alpha Motor Corporation (Alpha) is an American automobile and mobility technology company focused on manufacturing electric vehicles in Utility, Sport, and Adventure categories.

Creator of the ACE Coupe Series, JAX Crossover, WOLF Truck Series, SAGA Sedan Series, and REX Utility Vehicle Series, Recipient of The 2021 LA Auto Show THE ZEVAS™ Top EV Award and featured at The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles – Alpha’s vision is to “Move Humanity.”

Alpha’s differentiated go-to-market strategy aims to streamline deployment of EVs by implementing modular vehicle technology, disruptive optimization methods, and sustainable manufacturing practices.

Founded in 2020 and based in Irvine, California, Alpha is led by an experienced team of automotive industry professionals and partners from top e-mobility engineering and manufacturing companies in the US.

Additional information is available at https://www.alphamotorinc.com.

Please contact [email protected] for more information.

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