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Alfa Romeo 4C Will Get A “Designers Cut” One-Off For Its 10th Anniversary

The celebratory special will be sold at an undisclosed price, four years after Alfa Romeo axed the 4C from its lineup

 Alfa Romeo 4C Will Get A “Designers Cut” One-Off For Its 10th Anniversary

Believe it or not, the Alfa Romeo 4C is already a decade old. The production version of the mid-engined sports car was unveiled in 2013, two years after the concept. The model went out of production in 2020. However, as a celebration of its 10th anniversary, Alfa Romeo announced a one-off project called 4C Designer’s Cut. The resulting 4C will be customized by its designer with input from the public and made available for sale as a “collector’s item.”

The announcement was made through the “Reloaded by Creators” program by Stellantis’ Heritage department. Alessandro Maccolini, an automotive designer from the Alfa Romeo Centro Stile, served as the project manager for the creation of the 4C Designer’s Cut. With his extensive experience in automotive clubs, Maccolini was the ideal person to customize this unique vehicle. The designer presented three different specifications in photorealistic renderings for the project called the 4C Tributo, 4C Corsa, and 4C Leggenda.

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The 4C Tributo, one of the proposed specifications, is painted in red and draws inspiration from the iconic 33 Stradale. It bears a striking resemblance to the 4C Spider 33 Stradale Tributo Edition, which was a limited-production send-off model, featuring the same gray-gold finished phone-dial alloy wheels. However, since it is based on the coupe variant, it does not include the Spider’s beautiful headlights and additional carbon fiber ducts.

Up next is the 4C Corsa finished in a matt gray shade chosen by the designer to enhance its “muscular shape” and give it a more “technical” appearance. This version is complemented by gloss black alloy wheels and red brake calipers, adding to its sporty aesthetic. Lastly, the 4C Leggenda aims to evoke vintage vibes with a light blue exterior color. It features white-painted multi-spoke alloy wheels, reminiscent of the pastel-colored Alfa Romeos from the past.

The three proposals will be shared with fans through the social media channels of the Heritage Department, allowing the brand to gather ideas and input from the public. The selection process and final specifications will be announced at a later date. While there is no official confirmation regarding any mechanical changes, it is expected that the customized 4C will retain its original specifications.

As a refresher, the 4C is based on a carbon-fiber monocoque and comes fitted with a mid-mounted turbocharged 1.8-liter engine producing 236 hp (176 kW / 240 PS). Power is transmitted to the rear wheels exclusively through a dual-clutch automatic.

During its 7-year production run, the Alfa Romeo 4C coupe and spider struggled to achieve commercial success, leading to difficulty in selling the remaining units before discontinuation. However, Alfa Romeo highlights that well-maintained examples of the 4C can now command almost double the original price from 2013 in the current market.

The “Designer’s Cut” project is expected to be the final iteration of the 4C to be produced by Alfa Romeo, following closely behind the limited-production Abarth Classiche 1000 SP, which is also based on the 4C platform. The price of the anniversary special has not been disclosed yet, but it is likely to carry a substantial premium due to its collectible nature and limited production.


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