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5 uncommon autos unveiled in 2023


Feb 13, 2023 #autos, #uncommon, #unveiled

Though the yr has just started, 2023 has found sideways-driving, color-transforming and pepper-spray-emitting cars and trucks unveiled. Below are five of the most strange vehicles of 2023 so much.

Sideways driving car

Ioniq 5 by Hyundai 

Unveiled at this year’s CES convention in Las Vegas by car or truck manufacturer Hyundai, this Ioniq 5’s unique function is wheels that rotate 90 degrees, allowing for the vehicle to go sideways.

In accordance to the brand, the engineering will permit the car or truck to adjust path a lot quicker and make parallel parking much easier.

“It will allow 90-diploma rotation of the wheel when needed, for example, parking and allows crab – sideways – driving and zero-flip, which signifies rotation with no transferring forward or backwards,” mentioned the model.

Unusual cars of 2023: BMW colour-changing car

BMW i Eyesight Dee by BMW

German car model BMW also unveiled its i Eyesight Dee concept car at the CES conference. The vehicle attributes color-modifying technological know-how that enables the exterior to be lined in customised, digitally managed styles that includes 32 colours.

To attain this feat, the total exterior of the automobile was coated in e-ink movie and divided into 240 segments that can each individual be separately managed.

Unusual cars of 2023: The exterior of an SUV by Rezvani Motors

Rezvani Vengeance by Rezvani Motors

Auto model Rezvani Motors revealed a automobile that it believes is the “world’s most intense SUV”.

Named the Rezvani Vengeance, the car or truck is geared up with various security characteristics that are far more generally identified in video clip game titles or on navy automobiles. Functions include electrified doorway handles, pepper-spray-emitting wing mirrors, bulletproof glass and electromagnetic pulse security.

Unusual cars of 2023: New Balance unveils Nissan Kicks 327 drivable trainer

Kicks 327 by Nissan and New Stability

Developed as a collaboration between automotive brand Nissan and sportswear business New Equilibrium, the Kicks 327 car was made to resemble a trainer.

Designed as a marketing for the vehicle band’s Kicks SUV, the vehicle was established as a cell edition of New Balance’s 327 coach as the car’s title is slang for trainers.

“The motor vehicle title Kicks means sneaker in English slang,” discussed Nissan. “This turned the origin of the plan and led to the realisation of a tie-up with sneakers.”

Rear view of prototype Afeela EV by Honda and Sony as launched at CES

Afeela EV by Sony and Honda

Whilst not as awareness-grabbing as some many others unveiled in 2023, the Afeela EV marks Sony’s initially at any time motor vehicle.

Developed as a “shifting amusement area”, the vehicle prioritises leisure and conversation with numerous screens for movies, online games and “infotainment” both equally inside and on the exterior of the car or truck.

“We want to assume out of the box to revisit the fundamental philosophy of car design and style,” reported CEO of Sony Honda Mobility Yasuhide Mizuno.

“In addition to motion pictures, video games and music, we envision a new in-cabin expertise working with our know-how of UX and UI technologies.”


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