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5 Happy Valentine’s Day Virtual Car Moments That Need to Become Real ASAP

That neat moment when most of us see life in pink has passed, I know. And now we have to wait another year for it to arrive again. Well, some of us will try to quench our sorrow with help from ‘Ballantine’s Day,’ but maybe it is never a good idea to drown yourself in self-pity at the thought of how perfect your date would have been if only one had a better ride to and from the hearty encounter.

Since we are all gearheads here, let us all admit one important fact: automotive dreams are sometimes hard to achieve, but the quest can be equally satisfying, even if the result is not exactly akin to the initial goal. And since we have a full year before another Valentine’s Day occurs, let me present you with a choice of wishful-thinking CGI projects that may be well worth a second look and a secret desire to see them come true in time for 2024’s February 14th.

Since the imaginative realm of digital car content creators is populated with real humans, I am just going to go out on a limb and confess this is not a top five of any sort – but rather my personal choice of some of the coolest Cupid-targeted virtual creations. And, by the way, even the choice of presenting them below is completely random.

Pink Nissan Skyline GT-R

Musa Rio Tjahjono, the virtual artist better known as musartwork on social media, was inspired by the mechanic, TV hostess, and drifter Kahli Bell’s all-black (save for a few crimson touches), dark and menacing R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R. And instead of following through with the murdered-out atmosphere, he played with our Godzilla-loving hearts by dressing the JDM grand tourer in lots of pink. Of course, there are some complementing or contrasting flavors, as well – big-lipped chromed aftermarket wheels, plus a few glossy black touches on the front lip and a massive wing at the rear!

Koenig Specials Ferrari F40

Khyzyl Saleem, the famous pixel master going by the_kyza on social media, is not directly referencing Valentine’s Day but his Koenig Specials GmbH-inspired Ferrari F40 creation is, nevertheless, dressed in pink. This is not his first Prancing Horse “destruction” (ups, I meant rodeo) and since he has “been fascinated with this era of tuning for years,” no one should be surprised at the sight of this marvelous attention to detail. Vintage and lovely, all at once!

Stormy crimson Ferrari 488

Sergey Poltavskiy, the digital creator that “does automotive stuff” (aka s.pphoto on social media) has allied with content creation studio Tiki Studios (aka tikistudiosdetroit) to bring us the tumultuous vibes of a crimson Prancing Horse ready to run from a storm of roses. Using AI and/or human design to “create sci-fi type backplates for a creative and exciting visual” is probably a new passion for them, and they simply meddled the field with a bit of Valentine’s Day love. It’s both menacing and loving, so we kind of like it, but we’re also weary of it!

Modded Mazda MX-5 Miata on a bed of flowers

I am not really a flower guy, so excuse me for not identifying them properly – if they’re not roses or lilies, I am usually out of guessing attempts. Actually, my wife tells me every chance she has I should always stay clear of the house plants, so I am going to take her advice here as well and focus on that bonkers, “absolutely amazing” NA Mazda MX-5 Miata (from L. M. Alonso – aka alonsodsgn) that looks like Frankenstein’s monster used it for date night. And has anyone noticed the heart-shaped aftermarket wheels? Attention to detail is stunning, ladies and gents!

Teddy Bear Porsche 911 GT3 RS Astro Boy

Right, so I am just going to go out on a limb here and imagine that guys also get presents for Valentine’s Day – and they are not flowers. Strange as it may seem, this modified Porsche 911 GT3 RS from the ultra-famous Jon Sibal, the automotive artist/design consultant/comic book artist (aka jonsibal), would be my pick for a present I would love to receive. And I would proudly stroll around town in my new “Astro Boy” boots while everyone looked at my ride’s Teddy Bear Ronal aftermarket wheels!

A special mention also goes to the virtual automotive designer better known as a.c.g_design on social media, who tried to imagine the perfect “will you be my Valentine” automotive cards, in a humorous way.


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